Cellfield Reading Program

Cellfield is a revolutionary reading program designed to create neural connections in the brain that are responsible for proper reading including comprehension and will enhance major sensory functions critical to reading.

How Do you Measure Results?

We use Industry standard tests (e.g: GORT and Woodcock) BEFORE and AFTER Cellfield to measure student outcomes

Cellfield is Unique

Cellfield targets visual and auditory processing


Specially designed sound parcels target auditory processing

Auditory to Visual Bridge

Cellfield is the only technology that bonds auditory to visual pathways, which allows the struggling reader’s brain to function more like a typical reader


Unique motion graphics and coloured and patched lenses target visual processing

Cellfield achieves outstanding results

Cellfield on average improves reading skills by ONE to TWO years.*

This represents an accelerated gain of 23 months or an advance of two entire grade levels for the duration of treatment. Given that over half the participants took two weeks or less to complete the ten sessions and two thirds of participants completed them in less than one month, this is indeed an extraordinary result.*

* Prideaux et al, Efficacy of the Cellfield Intervention for reading difficulties: An Integrated Computer-Based Approach Targeting Deficits Associated with Dyslexia, Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, Volume 10, Number 2, 2005.

Who can Benefit?

Cellfield is suitable for students (age 6 and over) with reading difficulties.

Selection criteria includes if:

  • The reading age falls behind actual age.
  • There are symptoms of dyslexia.
  • There are language disorders.
  • There is difficulty carrying out oral instructions.
  • There are poor reading, spelling and writing skills
  • There is poor fluency, accuracy and/or comprehension.
  • They cannot recall what they have read.
  • They feel discomfort or suffer from fatigue when reading.
  • They have poor working memory.
  • They feel discomfort looking at black letters on white paper.
  • There is eye movement control problems.

How Long Does it Take?

Cellfield is a 16-week program which includes:

Week 1

Pre Cellfield Assessments

Week 2 and 3

10 x 1 hour computer sessions at the clinic

Week 4 to 5

Post Assessment, 10 – 14 days after computer sessions

Weeks 5 to 15

10 weekly 30 to 45 minute follow-up sessions

Week 16

Final 2nd Post Assessments

This is the standard program sequence but there could be some variation depending on your needs and the circumstances of you and your provider.

What are the Gains?





Tested For

Word Attack

Passage Comprehension

Word Comprehension

Average Gain*

+ 18.55 months

+ 26.19 months

+ 17.68 months

* Gains calculated 26/07/2016 on Student test result data as entered by authorised Cellfield License