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Effective dyslexia programs need to be based on what causes dyslexia.

Dyslexia Treatment Programs

Not knowing causes, can lead to ineffective dyslexia treatment programs, which results in too many children slipping through their school years, not being able to read properly.

Conventional validation methods have not been successful in establishing the causes of dyslexia. Brain imaging research has removed much of the controversy, but not how to address those causes with any kind of structured treatment program.

Cellfield found the answer to overcoming dyslexia twelve years ago. A patented intervention was designed that creates conditions of accelerated brain plasticity, which enables Cellfield to address those causes.

Most programs do not test progress in reading - only progress in overcoming dyslexia while performing their program. Cellfield tests reading progress with all students with dyslexia using independent University standard assessments.

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Cellfield is the better way.

MUSEC - The Truth

There is a clear difference in philosophy between Cellfield and MUSEC. Cellfield is concerned with outcomes because...

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Dyslexia in Schools

If this continues as a teaching method, abnormal neural networks can develop in the right hemisphere of our brain, creating a prime impediment to normal reading.

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Too Good to be True?

What do you say if there is a program now that enables a child to improve by two years in just two weeks?

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Bonjour Francais

Cellfield dyslexia treatment has achieved amazing outcomes for first language French speakers in a French school...

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Your Feedback

Other people ... tried to put me off. However, when I did my research it did make so much sense...

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Cellfield TV

NeuroEducation Canada

Michelle Vaudrin, Founding President of Vaudrin Academy and Founder of NeuroEducation Canada, has this to say about her experience with Cellfield at her school:

Since we started the Cellfield Program five months ago, 30 students have completed or are in the process of completing the program. The results have been outstanding. The parents, students, and teachers are all thrilled. In addition, the French Cellfield program has just come out, so we will now be able to offer it to our French students.

Staff members have seen the difference first-hand and are asking to do it themselves or have their own children do it. Whereas they used to get mildly upset when their students would leave the class for their sessions, now they are the first to point out that other students might benefit from Cellfield too.

We have seen improvements for all the children we work with who are aged 6 to 16. While most improve by an average of 24 months in all areas, we have seen incredibly impressive results. As difficult as it is to believe, one of our grade 2 student's reading comprehension is now at a grade 7 level. One of our younger students asked us if the Cellfield Program made people happy because he said,

'I've been feeling very happy since I started doing this!'

I learned a lot from the Cellfield training with Ingrid. By understanding how reading really works at all levels, I can now easily detect students as young as 5 who will have reading difficulties. My goal is to catch them and help them before they start thinking they are dumb because they can't read or can't identify their letters as well as the other kids in the class.

What an amazing service to be able to offer to all the struggling readers out there. Cellfield isn't just a program that helps people to read better and faster, it provides unlimited opportunities for people who thought they had none, and that, is priceless!